Interview for World of Paleoanthropology

Interview for World of Paleoanthropology (May 31, 2021), where I address the following questions. Thanks Seth Chagi por the invitation!

  • 2:15 In you book “Human Evolution, Prehistory and Origin of Compassion” Why do you think the survival of the friendliest as many call it, was the case versus survival of the fittest?
  • 3:15 How does our connection to other animals, connect us to the natural world, empathetically?
  • 5:30 Where do you think we can find the roots of our genus Homo?
  • 8:35 Is there a way in which you can see empathy in the fossils, or is it completely interpretive?
  • 11:50 When do we see the first signs of altruism?
  • 15:20 «Man the Hunter» hypothesis. What evidence do we have?
  • 19:25 Is compassion only human?
  • 21:30 What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about Neanderthals?
  • 25:55 What is “The Human Package”?
  • 29:40 What do you think is the Pit of Bones in Atapuerca?
  • 35:00 Are the fossils themselves accessible?
  • 37:00 Why is there so much debate on what they are?