The Top 10 hominin #FossilFriday tweets of 2022

The Top 10 hominin #FossilFriday tweets of 2022

It is time for year-end lists. Below is a little tradition on this blog: the 10 best hominin #FossilFriday tweets published in 2022, from number 10 to 1.

What is a ‘FossilFriday’? Every Friday, mainly on Twitter, people post pics of interesting fossils using the hashtag #FossilFriday about famous specimens, museum collections, scientific papers, blog posts, odd fossils, etc. I love to join & tweet about hominin fossils. One more time -9 years doing this- the top 10 of 2022:

10. Guess who’s coming to dinner… By Lee Berger @LeeRberger & Keneiloe Molopyane @Keneiloe

A pretty neat pic of hominin material in situ during fieldwork at Rising Star cave system

9. One of the enigmatic fossils of the ‘Muddle in the Middle’. By DEATHREVOL @DEATHREVOL1

Aroeira 3 (Torres Novas, central Portugal) is one of the earliest hominins to be directly associated with Acheulean tools in a well-defined and dated sequence around 400 ka. Sigue leyendo