La Garma cave: a time capsule

La Garma cave: a time capsule

This cave is located on La Garma Mountain, 5 km East from the Santander Bay, northern Spain. It is divided into various levels and was used since the Middle Paleolithic by hunter-gatherer groups.

The oldest evidences of human presence are dated to 400,000 years and come from the ancient cave entrance (it may have been an open shelter) called La Garma A. This area has also presence from the Mousterian period, with many lithic objects, fauna remains and one hearth of c. 70-80 Ka.

The most iconic finds correspond to the Upper Paleolithic, particularly in the period between 36-16 Ka around the Last Glacial Maximum. In total, more than 200,000 objects related to human presence have been recovered from La Garma up to date.

Monte La Garma

La Garma. Photo:

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