The Top 10 hominin #FossilFriday tweets of 2015

Here’s my little annual tradition!! This is the second year I do this sort of special ‘summary annual report’: the list of my favorite #FossilFriday tweets in 2015, from number 10 to 1.

For those who don’t know what “FossilFriday” means… Every Friday on twitter, scientists and interested amateurs share pics of their favorite fossils, related scientific papers or blog posts, by using the hashtag #FossilFriday. This is a great manner to show famous or rare pieces of museum collections, and to share research works. I usually join this and tweet about a different hominid fossil every Friday. Now, let’s start!  

10. A little problem in the reconstruction of La Ferrassie 1 Neandertal… By B. Holly Smith

9. New amazing fossils sometimes appear in old collections… By Paige Madison

8. The sabre tooth cat is as dangerous as a hammer tool… By Matthew Pope

7. Not the typical fossil of Kenyanthropus platyops… By African fossils

6. A nice side view of two Australopithecines from South Africa… By Adam Van Arsdale

5. A nice collection of Paranthropus robustus jaws… By Zachary Cofran

4. 2015 was the year of 3D printing applied to fossil study. Below is a series of three great examples by Charles T. G. Clarke, Caroline Van Sickle and Rowan Hooper (click on any pic to open gallery):

3. This was also the year of the discovery of some new important hominid specimens. Check out this tweets by Adam Van Arsdale, John Hawks, Zach Throckmorton and Zachary Cofran (click on any pic to open gallery):

The Ledi-Geraru mandible, dated to 2,8 Ma. The earliest Homo?

The new species Homo naledi with 1,500+ bones recovered from Rising Star cave:

2. ‘What big… you have!’ By Adam Van Arsdale, Chris Stringer and Elizabeth S. Daly (click on any pic to open gallery):

And my favorite #FossilFriday ever is…

1. Petralona is an incredible skull… By Chris Stringer

Do you want more? Check out the 2014 list here: The Top 10 hominin #FossilFriday tweets of 2014. Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

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