The Top 10 hominin #FossilFriday tweets of 2016

Finally! The 3rd edition of my little tradition, a particular ‘annual report’: the list of my favorite hominin #FossilFriday tweets in 2016, from number 10 to 1.

For those who do not know what “FossilFriday” means… Every Friday on twitter, people share pics of their favorite fossils, related scientific papers or blog posts, by using the hashtag #FossilFriday. This is a great manner to show famous or rare pieces of museum collections, and to share research works. I join every Friday and tweet about a different hominin fossil. Now, let’s start!

10. Look into the 1.8 Ma eyes of the impressive OH 24  |  MNCN Colecciones 

#FossilFriday 10

9. Toe bones  |  Zachary Cofran

#FossilFriday 9

8. The Krapina neandertal, early 1900s  |  Paige Madison

#FossilFriday 87. Two lesser-known infant Paranthropus robustus  |  B Holly Smith

#FossilFriday 7

6. Femoral head variation  |  Zack Throckmorton

#FossilFriday 6

5. Of course, Lucy  |  Jason Head’s Lab at the University of Cambridge

#FossilFriday 5

4. Modern faces?  |  Chris Stringer

#FossilFriday 4

3. Of course, Lucy!!  |  Lady Naturalist

#FossilFriday 3

2. #BadFossilFriday  |  John Hawks

#FossilFriday 2

And my favorite #FossilFriday ever is…

1. Another historic meeting arranged by Mr Stringer, or rather Mr White

#FossilFriday 1

Do you want more?? Check out the lists of 2014 and 2015 below:

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

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