The Top 10 hominin #FossilFriday tweets of 2014

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time for summaries. This is my little contribution! From number 10 to 1, below is the list of my favorite #FossilFriday tweets in 2014.

For those who don’t know what «FossilFriday» means… Every Friday on twitter, scientists and interested amateurs share pics of their favorite fossils, related scientific papers or blog posts, by using the hashtag #FossilFriday. This is a great manner to show famous or rare pieces of museum collections, and to share research works. I usually join this and tweet about a different hominid fossil every Friday. Now, let’s start! 

10. Digital drawing of Australopithecus sediba, by John S. Mead


9. Aegyptopithecus zeuxis, by The Leakey Foundation


8. Jaws: Modern human vs. Australopithecus afarensis vs. Papio (baboon), by Elsa Panciroli


7. 3D printing of KNM-ER-406, Paranthropus boisei, by Tom O’Mahoney


6. Gibraltar-1, Homo neanderthalensis, by The Gibraltar Museum


5. Arago 21, Homo heidelbergensis, by María Martinón Torres


4. Sts 52, Australopithecus africanus, by John Hawks


3. About the first sequencing of Neandertal DNA, by Paige Madison


2. Paleo lineup, ca. 1950, by Lydia Pyne


And my favorite #FossilFriday ever is…

1. When Miguelon met Ms Gibraltar Neanderthal, by Chris Stringer


And I like it so much that I really enjoyed trying to copy this scene at home! 🙂
Does it look good?


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