Today Nutcracker Man turns… 1 year-old!

Today 5/5/15 this blog celebrates its first year. As quick summary, I will not give boring details but just a brief list of what was the best of the year and what can be improved… (in my opinion)

I count on you all for this second year that starts today !!!

The best

Top 5 most read posts in English

  1. A summary of AAPA annual meeting 2015 (in 101 tweets!)
  2. The oldest human footprints by continent
  3. The 9 oldest artworks in Europe
  4. Meet Bodo and Herto
  5. Focus on the Sima de los Huesos

Top 5 most read posts in Spanish

  1. Desde cuándo los hombres son diestros y por qué
  2. Una caja de herramientas de 2 millones de años
  3. Bastones perforados: ejemplar de la cueva El Castillo
  4. ¿Qué nos falta por saber de Lucy?
  5. Las evidencias más antiguas de control del fuego


  • 14th position in the 2014 Bitácoras Awards in the category of Science blogs [see Final ranking].
  • Top 5% most read presentations in SlideShare, thanks to the posts with embedded slides.

The worst 

The series of posts

I like them much as a concept, and I would like to write more series of posts, but I am not fully convinced yet… It is said that ‘sequels are never any good’. This first year I have posted 3 series:

News highlights

On September 2014 I started writing quarterly or monthly summaries of the latest news. Fortunately, the ‘boom’ of news in the field of human evolution is spectacular in the last times, but unfortunately… I could not keep up!

Two posts with few visits (but I like them much!)

– And finally a BIG THANK YOU to all who read me –

Nutcracker Man vs. Roberto Sáez

Nutcracker Man vs. Roberto Sáez

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